Goodie-Goodies. The Thieves of Virtue.

I was bullied in school until I turned around in the lunch queue one day (mid prodding) and whacked this boy on the nose. I broke it and he never bothered me again.

I was bullied several years later in the army, until I defended myself and gave one of the main culprits the hiding of his life. I do not condone violence, but in some situations it is the only thing that stops people harming or injuring you.

Abuse comes in many forms, sometimes it begins with the best intentions, coming from a desire to help, or correct, but the road to hell has been paved with good intentions, and truly virtuous people remain humble.

Many people around the world are on a rampage to do good, they want to improve a situation or make something better for someone else, whatever the cost to the interconnectivity of relationships. It seems.

They want to gift the benefits of their wisdom, and they will insist that others receive it, because why would anyone not want to be improved or made to feel better. Then, having conferred these blessings on others, these people wonder why others oppose them.

What is it that makes someone feel they are entitled to share their virtue, without having been asked, maybe it comes from a privileged upbringing, or from a role in society which has given them an enormous influence over a population. Whatever the reason, this kind of virtue is tainted by conceit.

How does anyone know what is good for anyone else? People have no idea what is good for their own health, let alone others, if they did, why do they drink alcohol and smoke, fail to exercise, eat poor diets and become overweight.

This COVID emergency has unleashed a plague of sociopathic ‘goodie-goodies’ onto the world, who believe it is most virtuous, in honour of an intangible greater good, to insist that perfectly fit and healthy people inject an experimental substance into their body, which carries a risk of harm and injury from adverse reactions.

These ‘thieves of virtue’, who have no intention of seeing the inside of a gym, or regularly using weights, or cycling up and down mountains, or eating healthier, or giving up booze, or stopping smoking or quitting drugs; just want their fears and discomfort taken away in a shot.

And if others fail to comply, well, they can be looked upon like a ‘sinful’ enemy, a vector of disease, that needs sanctioning, or re-educating, or held down with force, so that a needle can be plunged into the arm against their will.

A long time ago, when sanity still prevailed, and true virtue existed, wise people knew there would come a time that ‘goodie-goodies’ would walk the Earth with their conceited wisdom, and so, they set laws into stone that intended to protect the freedom of mind, body and spirit of future generations from unwanted trespasses.

No man or woman has the power to compel another man or woman to do something against their will or wish, self autonomy is fundamental to freedom. The conscious or living element of MIND is the emanation of the incorruptible power that brings everything into existence, and any dishonourable transgression of THAT will come at a cost because it creates a controversy. And controversy requires an equitable remedy on this plane or on another, for a debt must be settled.

Acts that compel a man or woman’s person, within the scope of legislation, animate a 2D world of spell-ings and documentation into a 3D world of conscious action, but only because the will of a man or woman plays the role of administrator for their persons trust, bringing it to life through (legal) representation, willingly or not, as might be the case.