Doctors and the COVID-19 jab.

The NHS has published an agreement to enable general practices to start delivering a covid-19 vaccine from as early as next month.

A new directed enhanced service (DES), published 10 November, says practices will be expected to coordinate and deliver covid-19 vaccinations collaboratively and at scale in primary care networks.

The draft deal, agreed between NHS England and the BMA’s GP committee, says practices will initially need collectively to nominate a single site per network to deliver vaccinations, with additional sites possible as supply increases. Designated sites will be expected to deliver vaccines seven days a week between 8 am and 8 pm if supply allows.

Practices will be paid £12.58 (€14.15; $16.69) per vaccination. This is 25% more than the current £10.06 practices receive for an influenza vaccination, in recognition of the need for extra training, post-vaccine observation, and other associated costs. Practices will need to provide most of the required staff from their own workforce.

The NHS will pay GPs an additional £10 for every COVID vaccination they deliver to someone who is housebound as part of the drive to protect the most vulnerable people as swiftly as possible

GPs receive funding boost to vaccinate housebound in NHS drive to protect most vulnerable.

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