Reckless disregard

Have you ever been in a conversation with someone telling you that you’re being selfish because you don’t wish to take part in Russian roulette with your health by injecting “experimental” mRNA into your body?

Or maybe you don’t want to wear a face covering, which are the equivalent of face nappies, and which are nothing like professional PPE, and which are shown by the science to do more harm than good. Bacterial pneumonia being a serious side effect.

In civil law, people have a duty to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner towards other people. It is unreasonable to prioritise virtual signalling over safeguarding and protecting health.

Particularly in the case of children and vulnerable adults.

There is a saying for this type of abandonment of logic and reason, it is called “reckless disregard”.

It is also morally abhorrent and a sign of low emotional intelligence if a person ridicules someone else for not wishing to engage in actions that expose them to 100% liability for the risk of serious and/or life threatening adverse reactions caused by an experimental mRNA jab operating under an “emergency” licence.


reckless disregard

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