Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine

This is not a “traditional” vaccine methodology it is experimental mRNA gene therapy technology.

The modern doctors Frankenstein et al have engineered an mRNA sequence using recombinant DNA (not from the isolated COVID-19 virus) and are hiding this sequence inside a nano lipid to sneak it through the cell membrane where it can then be transcribed by the nucleus.

In a nutshell: Dr’s Frankenstein et al have engineered a COVID-19 injection that contains a genetically modified mRNA sequence which is read [transcribed] by the host cell to instruct proteins to “build” antigens [the virus DNA) so that the immune system will then attack it and gain immunity [memory].

MHRA admit the virus DNA template; from which the mRNA sequence was constructed in a lab culture using computer generated sequences) does not actually come directly from the isolated COVID-19 virus taken from an infected person.

Previous vaccine technology involved injecting viruses into the body to induce an immune system response. This time they are giving your cells the code to build the actual virus. What could possibly go wrong?

The vaccine is Frankenstein’s monster.

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